An Open Letter to my Senioritis

Cue Ed Sheeran/JB's 'I Don't Care' song


Look at me! Third post since I’ve started writing on here again. :D

Today, I wanted to answer a really important question for myself: When and why did I stop caring about basically everything?

It’s Senior year, second semester, and we all know what that means. My favorite new best friend, Senioritis. is (DW, she’ll never beat my REAL besties ;) you know who you are)

Senioritis hit me like a brick. I didn’t realize I had it, but I’ve had it for months now, probably since the beginning of Senior year, to be honest. I stopped caring about grades first, and then I started to slip on my school extracurriculars. I think the only thing I never stopped caring about was my nonprofit work– which makes sense. This is the career I want to go into, so of course, I love doing it all.

But, did I really want to ever learn about biodigesters or two-proportion intervals in the future?

…not really…

I’ve never been one to not care though; this was abnormal for me. I was the kind of person to overthink; the person to get an A and not settle for something less (though I never cared for perfection, 100%s are overrated– you can’t grow from them); the person to come to 15 different club meetings in one week; the person to love scool. And now, I can barely spell it. (kidding!!)

I hate Senioritis. I hate everything about it. I hate not caring. I hate feeling numb all of the time to literally anything and everything about school. I hate knowing that I’m not going to see 90% of my friends again. I hate counting down the days until I’m done with it all; until I’m free.

Most of all, I hate that I don’t have the energy to change it right now.


But, even though I hate my Senioritis, it really did open my eyes to what I actually enjoy learning. I know in college I’m going to give academics my ALL. However, I also want to focus and only spend time on the things that really really matter to me, unlike high school. And to anyone here in high school right now, I urge y’all to do the same. Find your passions in high school and focus your time and energy on them.

So, yes. I admit, I don’t care too much about school right now. Sure, I do my homework and keep my grades up. I go to my club meetings, I’m still doing things. I just feel numb to it all. I don’t like it. I’m terrified for next year. And yeah! Those are my deep Tuesday (jk, I wrote this on Sunday) random thoughts. :D Fun timeS!

Thanks for reading as always, and see y’all next weekend!


Srilekha :)

Some Savvy Life Updates

I’m keeping this section because it’s lowkey fun to share my boring life with y’all hehe

  • My first article with JUV comes out TODAY!

  • I have an interview with this company to be a social media coordinator; fingers crossedddd

  • I’m still tutoring French for free (if you’re interested hmu! i’m totally down to help out, even one-off q’s!)

  • Spring Break is coming up, which is super duper exciting because I’m going to do socially distanced hangouts with friends!

  • I literally CANNOT with people anymore. I was gonna go to this Ross BBA TX event and I came in and I just left bc I just couldn’t talk with anyone. (Yet another reason why I’m scared for college RIP, it’s ok, I blame quarantine)


  • 81 days until graduation!!

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