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A little bit of addiction and a little bit of a rant

Hiiii y’all!

Sorry, I totally dropped the ball on writing this on Saturday/Sunday, but here I am, Monday night, writing instead of studying for a Stats test. Fun times!

And with no segue whatsoever, let’s jump into my thoughts on ✨social media✨.

I’ve talked about social media on here several times now (unfortunately, still have a Snapchat addiction), but I never really got into the meat of what I believe.

Many people claim that all social media does is tear people down. We scroll mindlessly for hours, ignoring people IRL, consuming content like zombies. We see the highlights of others’ lives and compare them to our behind-the-scenes. Social media is dangerous. It’s easy to get addicted and forget about everything else in life.

And that’s all SO true. Social media can be devastating.

But…and y’all knew there would be a but coming…social media can be equally as positive and powerful.

While there are those times where it feels like the world is crumbling to pieces from hearing about all the bad news in the media, there are also times where we feel empowered by others. Social media is diverse and shines voices on the unseen and unheard. It’s a tool for activism and social change. Socials help us spread positivity and light in times of darkness. It connects the world together.

Someone once told me, “Your net worth is your network.” That just hit so hard for me. Networking and making those important connections is how we grow professionally and personally. We learn from others’ behaviors constantly and just talking to others can open up our minds. Professionally, social media can land us our dream jobs.

There are pros and cons to everything– even something extremely healthy. There’s a tipping point. It’s like eating one apple. It’s healthy, you feel good. Then, you eat another. And maybe another. And even one more.

Eventually, it’s not going to be healthy anymore.

It’s the same thing with social media. In small doses, social media can be a powerful tool for impact. At some point, it can be overbearing and have adverse effects.

My point with this all is this: going on social media cleanses and taking breaks is amazing. It’s perfect. When you’re burnt out, taking time off is the best option. However, advocating for people to completely leave social media– that’s a little far.

In the end though, it’s up to you. What do you think? Is social media good? Bad? Or simply in between?

Thanks for reading!



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Some Savvy Life Updates

Well this week is just starting, but last weekend was p chill!

  • I learned about my future uni’s BBA program and I’m! so! exciteddd!

  • I’m still tutoring French for free (if you’re interested hmu! i’m totally down to help out, even one-off q’s!)


  • My cousin <3 joined Plannr as a graphic designer and I’ve never been THIS pumped!!

  • Penn rejection coming tomorrow ✋😞

  • Lots of meetings last week lol so nothing else to report! Have a great week y’alllll

  • 54 days until graduation!! WTF!

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