Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!

My morning routine, COVID vaccine, & more!

Hi world! Good morning, or afternoon, or evening!

Let’s jump right in to this week’s topic :)

I never knew morning routines could be so important until the pandemic started. Before, I would wake up, shower, eat, run to school– that was it. I never considered it a routine per say. Every day, it would look a little bit different. It was flexible.

But, the pandemic came, and life completely fell out of balance. Hence, my newly improved “morning routine.”

What is it?

My morning routine starts far before my morning starts. At night, I have a separate night routine – just as important as my morning one. Before I go to sleep, I usually drink chamomile tea and plan out my next day through Google Calendar and Hours, which I do with one of my besties (Anika <3) every day. After that, I brush my teeth, wash my face, etc. etc. fun! I listen to music for a while and say good night to everyone (aka my friends, who knew I had some!), and settle in my bed to watch an hour of TV and go to sleep around 11 or 12.

The next day, I wake up at 8, on the dot. I don’t know how, but I think my body was naturally trained to wake up at 8 no matter what. I brush my teeth again, you know, usual morning stuff, check my Slack messages, open up Hours, and get ready to workout. Working out has recently been a huge part of my morning, and honestly, more than losing weight, I just want to feel and be healthy. After working out, I shower, and if I have school, I log on to Schoology and start my day! Most of the time, before school, I have a small cup of coffee with like 5 tbsp of sugar, so I’m wired for most of the day. Caffeine = My knight in shining armor <3

I love having a morning routine because it provides structure and purpose. Having something to do at exactly this time and something to do at exactly another time has helped me stay on track and be more productive. And, when I do Hours with Anika, I’m even more on task and ready to work.

After a huge slump from COVID, it feels good to be back on track. I got the first dose of the vaccine, so I have to admit, things seem to be normalizing for me. Sure, I still have a LOT of those days when I don’t feel like getting out of bed at all. But, this morning routine has pushed me to find my purpose, and keep working for my dreams.

So, I still have thousands of scholarships to apply to, articles to write, people to talk to, meetings to attend or lead, messages to reply to, and tasks to do, and as much as I love my bed, I know I need to wake up. But, even more, I know if I don’t wake up, it’s ok. It’s ok to spend a day in bed if I need it. It’s ok to flake one day. It’s ok to not feel my best every single day. Most of all, it’s ok to not have my morning routine. It’s ok.

Here’s to a week of growth!

Thanks for reading!

Srilekha xx

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Some Savvy Life Updates

This week was my Spring Break so super fun, but now I have school on Monday :(

  • Another picnic? o h w o w! We did an afternoon snack picnic with the besties at a park, super fun :)

  • I’m still tutoring French for free (if you’re interested hmu! i’m totally down to help out, even one-off q’s!)

  • I got froyo on Wednesday, that was definitely a highlight


  • I GOT MY VACCINE! One down, one to go! super duper hype

  • I’m just really happy in general! It’ll probs go away once school starts tho *insert clown face emoji*

  • 70 days until graduation!!

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