Why I think the most powerful question is "How are you"

words can be powerful! who knew!

Hi everyone!

So, it’s been a busy two weeks, hence the super super late post. Also, my brain kinda just switched off because of senioritis. But, here I am- somehow typing words that somewhat make sense.

Anyways, diving into my topic for this weekend - how are you?

What a simple yet so powerful question… In my newsletter’s namesake - Simply Srilekha - I love finding beauty in the most simple and trivial things. How are you can be so selfless sometimes. Just the act of asking about someone, I think, is an incredible thing to do. It shows you care.

Words can sway minds; they can change lives; they can create an impact. Words are powerful. Asking how someone is doing opens up the idea that maybe they’re not okay, or maybe they are. It normalizes the concept of possibility in mental health. The open-ended nature of it shows you aren’t assuming how they’re doing; you’re acknowledging and understanding that you don’t know how they’re doing, and, more importantly, want to know how they’re doing. You want to know them.

How are you? It’s something we ask so regularly, but it can make someone feel more appreciated, accepted, and loved, and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s one of the most powerful things you could ask another person.

It also relates heavily to mental health in general– May is actually Mental Health Awareness Month, but I’ve always felt like these months to honor different things don’t actually ever do anything. I mean, we post on Instagram and Facebook and whatever other social medias, spreading posts that everyone sees at least 10 times in one day, the same information, trying, hoping that we could possibly change someone’s mind.

And, that’s all amazing. It’s GREAT that people care about these issues, or at least most people. But, it’s not enough. Words can be powerful, but it’s not going to change the entire stigma around mental health. Then, the question remains - what will change it all?

It certainly won’t be simple.

It could take months, years, even decades for society to transform and really become accepting of everyone. Change in the mental health space won’t come without ALL systems changing. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism - we need a full system restructure, in my opinion.

So, for now, while we continue to work hard for a system-wide change, campaigning, rallying, protesting, while we try to change lives, I ask you – how are you?

Thanks for reading! I’ll be back next week instead of two weeks later, I promise! Till then, be sure to take care of yourself, and of course, your mental health! :)



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KPop obsession woooo

Some Savvy Life Updates

lots of stuff happened this past month :)

  • i officially committed to umich ross!! GO BLUE!

  • I’m still tutoring French for free (if you’re interested hmu! I’m totally down to help out, even one-off q’s!)


  • went to the mall to hang out with some frienz which was super fun!

  • lots of walks, small parties (safely ofc), and meetings as usual

  • my best friend (family friend) officially graduates from umich TODAY! woo!

  • i had to send my mac in for battery repair and i got it back last weekend & never been more thankful. i can finally unplug it and use it for HOURS!

  • nonstop scholarship apps got me all burnt out lol (hence this really late substack that was supposed to be written two weeks ago)

  • Happy Mental Health Awareness Month! my article for Cinespeak comes out this month!

  • got back into kpop toooo woo!

  • & just super excited for may!

  • 28 days until graduation!! and anika’s bday!!

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Some of my fave moments from this week <3

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